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Get more out of your crop monitoring data

Get standardized and aggregated multispectral imagery from preferred satellite and drone imagery providers.

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Unlock a complete crop monitoring program

Quick access to customer-ready images.

Instead of having to create APIs to different imagery providers and having to process their different data formats on your own server, Leaf offers you processed and standardized crop monitoring data - ready to be used in your product or platform.

Focus on building customer value

Let Leaf handle the imagery acquisition, processing, and infrastructure maintenance, so that you can focus on your own product or service.

Simplify use cases

With full-season imagery data from multiple imagery providers available, you have the data you need for your product.

Crop monitoring sources

Planet labs

  • Atmospherically Corrected 3M Resolution
  • Visual Color
  • NDVI
  • NDRE
  • Individual Bands RGB, NIR, RedEdge
  • Usable Data Mask

Sentinel 2

  • 10M Resolution
  • Individual Bands
  • NDVI
  • RGB
  • NDRE


  • RGB
  • NDVI
  • Stand Count
  • Tassel Count

What will you build with Leaf’s Crop Monitoring API?

Farm management and in-season monitoring

Fraud detection for insurance, lending, and carbon products

Evaluations of seed, input and equipment performance

Fungicide variable rate recommendations

Diagnosis of in-season growing problems

Nitrogen Management

Carbon & sustainability management including remote tillage detection

Growth regulator variable rate recommendations in cotton

Soil salinity monitoring

See how our customers are using the Crop Monitoring API

"Because of Leaf’s unified API and its ease of use, our ability to incorporate yield data and imagery components has been accelerated immensely. Now that we only have to implement the authentication piece with the next provider, we’ve saved months, potentially years, of work leading to this point and I’m excited as we look at our next integration.”

Kyle Kurtz, Ellingson

Get more out of your imagery data

Leaf’s imagery service allows developers to easily retrieve customer-ready images for any field in the world. Developers simply register a field boundary with a backfill date and imagery provider, then Leaf returns cropped, color corrected RGB, NDRE, and NDVI images for every time an image is available. In addition, cropped images of each individual band are returned for advanced use.

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