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Receive standardized and aggregated multispectral imagery from preferred satellite and drone imagery providers.

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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Easy access to customer-ready images

Businesses that create API connections with imagery providers have to maintain all these APIs, and process the different data formats on their own server into imagery files that are usable. Businesses that use Leaf’s unified API are able to access processed and standardized crop monitoring data from a number of different sources, ready to be used in any geospatially oriented product or platform. Leaf takes care of the imagery acquisition, processing and infrastructure maintenance, taking a load off our clients’ engineering teams. Leaf’s imagery service allows developers to easily retrieve customer-ready images for any field in the world. Developers simply register a field boundary with a backfill date and imagery provider, then Leaf returns cropped, color corrected RGB, NDRE, and NDVI images every time an image is available.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Focus on customer value

Due to the complex nature of crop monitoring data and the lack of standards throughout the industry, many technology providers are forced to focus on building back-office data infrastructure that allows them to ingest crop monitoring data from the different satellite and drone imagery providers. Technology providers that work with Leaf however, receive all crop monitoring data in a processed, consistent and standardized format through the same API, which allows them to focus on building their products and adding value to their customers’ operations instead. Leaf’s standardized multiband .tif files contain all satellite image bands in the same file, instead of multiple files, saving technology providers precious time that can now be focused on different areas of their business.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Simplify use cases

Technology providers who decide to connect with remote sensing companies' APIs directly instead of through Leaf, are often forced to make tough choices: which companies will we connect with? Which companies offer us the largest footprint with our user base? Which company offers the best quality crop monitoring data for the majority of our commercial footprint? In reality, this always results in the exclusion of a certain number of potential customers, as they prefer crop monitoring data from a different provider. With Leaf, these difficult questions and the exclusion of potential customers is a thing of the past: by connecting to Leaf’s API, technology providers can easily connect to a multitude of crop monitoring data providers. Only do the work of connecting to Leaf’s API, but receive the benefits of being connected to a range of data providers!

“I was very interested in the API connectivity with Leaf. It’s like a Plaid for agriculture, and I was very intrigued by that concept.”

Jackson Stansell, CEO & Founder of Sentinel Fertigation

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Crop Monitoring

Get more out of your imagery data

Simplifying access to crop monitoring data

Accurate crop monitoring data is key to accuracy in many processes and analyses, but it isn’t always easy for technology providers to access and process this data from the provider they’d like to work with. Leaf’s unified API changes this by offering businesses access to data in a consistent, processed and standardized format.

Many different providers

We are constantly evaluating the addition of new imagery providers to our list of connected providers. We are currently connected with Planet Labs, Sentinel 2 and Sentera. Is one of your preferred partners not in this list yet? Let us know by contacting our team!

Many different uses

Being able to access crop monitoring data is key to the accuracy of many different applications. From Farm Management Systems, Farmland Valuation Tools or Carbon MRVs to Traceability Applications and Crop Insurance Platforms and many more; they all need crop monitoring data in order to be accurate and successful.

Increasing speed-to-market

Speed-to-market is key for any technology provider; spending more time on developing your product and not selling it, means money down the drain and a competitor catching up quickly. Leaf allows technology providers to focus on building their product and selling their product as soon as possible, instead of having to waste time on building back-end infrastructure.

Crop monitoring sources

Planet labs

  • Atmospherically Corrected 3M Resolution
  • Visual Color
  • NDVI
  • NDRE
  • Individual Bands RGB, NIR, RedEdge
  • Usable Data Mask

Sentinel 2

  • 10M Resolution
  • Individual Bands
  • NDVI
  • RGB
  • NDRE


  • RGB
  • NDVI
  • Stand Count
  • Tassel Count

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