Field boundaries

Field Boundary Management

Process field boundaries from any major OEM into one consistent format.

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Manage your grower/farm/field boundaries across providers

Simplify boundary management

Reconcile different boundaries between multiple data partners.

Focus on customer value

Leaf alerts notifies you when changes to a boundary have occurred, reducing time for data maintenance.

Expand capabilities

Build with consistent field boundaries, across all related products.

What will you build with Leaf’s Field Boundaries API?

Farm management tools

Farmland valuation tools

Agronomic recommendations

Outcome-based financing

Yield forecasting

Product distribution

Traceability applications

Input marketplace

and so much more…

See how our customers are using the Field Boundary API

"The integration using Leaf’s API is very strategic for us because it easily brings important management information from the field and in a consistent format. With the integrations, the information comes into Aegro automatically, saving time for agricultural producers.”

Paulo Silvestrin, Aegro

Simplifying field boundaries

Leaf provides a consistent field entity across all related boundaries so data from any source can be queried by a single field ID. Leaf's API can also be used to import, export, synchronize, and reconcile field boundaries across farm data platforms. Working with Leaf's Operations Data, operations performed in the fields will automatically be bound to the fields you create with Field Boundaries.

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