Unified Weather data

A simple API to access field-level weather data from all major weather data sources.

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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
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Access a wide variety of weather forecast API endpoints with a range of forecast models and different variables.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Accurate localized weather data

Leaf Weather provides historical and forecast weather data from local (1km resolution), global (11km) weather models and hyperlocal data from weather stations to create the best forecast for every field on earth. Leaf Weather updates hourly and data can be summarized for average and accumulated stats over longer periods. The weather models use real-time measurements, airplane data, buoys, rain radar and satellite observations for predictions. A particular data source and weather model can be selected for a field, or multiple can be used at the same time to create an aggregated result. Leaf's Weather service is available as a standalone service that accepts coordinates and returns weather data for that location. Leaf's Weather service is also integrated with Leaf's Field Boundary service, so you can get field level weather data by Field ID.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Field level weather data, anywhere in the world

Leaf's API now includes a Weather service with historical and forecast weather data in hourly and daily weather increments. All of these variables can be provided at field-level, creating weather data that is as accurate as possible.

Variables include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind
  • Precipitation
  • Clouds
  • Many more

Weather variables are available from the following models:

  • ICON (Germany)
  • GFS (USA)
  • Arpege & Arome (France)
  • IFS (EU)
  • MET Nordic (Norway)
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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Leaf Weather - made for developers

With Leaf Weather, software developers building apps, platforms and other software can now easily add weather data from all major weather models and hardware via a single API. Leaf's Weather service is designed to handle the unique challenges of food & agriculture. By making many weather models available in the same format, weather data providers can be chosen at a field by field level without any additional code. Leaf Weather can also be configured to output aggregate data to further reduce simplify your integration.

“We really like the promise of Leaf and the direction Leaf is headed. It is obvious they are really listening to the customers and are going to dig in and figure out what developers like us need to be able to make our lives easier and focus on the areas where we actually create value for our customers.”

Dane Braun, VP of Product of Bushel

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Leaf Weather

Making unified weather data accessible

More accurate weather data

Weather models are chosen for accuracy on a field by field basis. Leaf’s API contains 10+ different weather models that are available in the same format for every field.

Simple implementation; low maintenance

Creating API connections to different weather models is costly, cumbersome, prone to errors, and requires significant maintenance. Leaf Weather is a managed service that solves this problem by offering a connection to all major weather models through single, simple, unified API.


Weather data services are not always reliable, and compatibility with multiple backup sources, as offered through Leaf’s Weather API, is important to ensure that a user always gets served the most accurate data available.


Most Weather services require significant post-processing on the user's side in order to be suitable for their use-case. Leaf's Weather service is flexible and allows the user to generate weather summaries for a given time period or region. This simplifies your implementation and accelerates your time to market.

“The Leaf integration was one of the most straightforward processes, both from a technical perspective and from a customer service standpoint. It’s really been first class.”

Scott Nusbaum, Product Director at Traction Ag

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