Send prescriptions to OEM platforms

Send seed, chemical and fertilizer prescriptions to OEM platforms using a single API.

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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
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One integration gives you the instant ability to send prescriptions to the digital platforms of major machinery brands

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Seamless data sharing

Leaf’s prescription service allows developers to export agronomic recommendations, in the form of (variable rate) scripts to OEM platforms via a single API. This unlocks the ability for ag tech providers to deliver a seamless experience to their clients, and replace the process of uploading prescription files into in-cab monitors with thumb drives or through other manual methods. Whether the prescription is for seed, chemical or fertilizer, and whether it is variable rate, multi variety, or neither; utilizing prescriptions lessens the chances of incorrect applications occurring. Using the right rate of the right product in the right place, is key to farm profitability and long-term sustainability.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

No extra steps

Because you use the same Leaf API endpoints that you use for accessing data such as field boundaries, field operations and machine data, you won’t have to authenticate again with those providers you have already authenticated with. Through the prescription endpoints in the Leaf API you are able to send prescriptions directly from your platform, tool or software product as either a shapefile or within a zipped folder to specific or multiple OEM platforms. Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Integrate with your partners

Agtech providers are enabled to focus on creating the best possible recommendations for their clients, by not having to focus on creating multiple integrations and formatting their recommendations to suit these integrations; Leaf takes care of all of this. Leaf’s automated process allows you to serve your clients better and offer them a streamlined experience. Compatibility issues with prescriptions for different equipment and new monitors that have just entered the market? Not with Leaf; we offer you universal compatibility with no maintenance required on your side.

“We’re able to rely on Leaf to maintain the service and continue to improve it while we focus on the problems unique to Bushel Farm and Bushel.”

Dane Braun, VP of Product of Bushel

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Sending prescriptions

Make every application accurate

Send prescriptions

Send prescriptions to major OEM platforms

Offer a seamless experience

Instead of asking growers to upload prescriptions manually, turn this into a fully automated process.

Broaden your audience

Why limit your client base to only those whose equipment have a specific color? With Leaf you use the same connection to send prescriptions to every platform.

Prescriptions made easy

With Leaf you avoid compatibility issues with different equipment brands or new versions of in-cab monitors; universal compatibility means that your engineers can focus on your product, instead of maintaining existing API infrastructure.

Start building with machine data

After authentication, Leaf’s API returns a standardized JSON for planting, application, and harvest operations with data summaries, full datasets and rendered maps.

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"One of the key reasons why we are so impressed and happy with the partnership we have with Leaf is because weeks later we're moving data, not months to quarters or years later.”

Seth Erwin, Strategic Account Lead with Bayer Climate FieldView

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