Retrieve asset data and link to Operations

Access machine information like serial number, fuel consumption, engine hours, and associate it with Field Operations.

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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
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One integration, instant access to machine information from major machinery brands

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

No more manual data transfers

Most modern agricultural machinery captures field specific and machine specific data. Machine specific information can be useful for a variety of use cases including cost calculations, efficiency calculations, maintenance forecasting, or poweringCarbon MRV models. By knowing the serial number of a machine for a specific application, its fuel consumption, engine hours and other metrics, new models, calculations and overviews can unlock the next opportunity for agtech to add value to farming operations and other stakeholders.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Secure data collaboration

Leaf has a number of API endpoints available for machine resources that allow you to create, get, update and delete machine information. Lists of machines that are related to a LeafUserID (grower) can be retrieved and filtered by parameters such as manufacturer, time, name and serial number. For more information and technical resources, see here.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Connect to your partners

Every agtech provider knows that the biggest hurdle to adoption is the added burden placed upon farmers or other people in the field. Asking someone to assist with data collection by manually entering data into an app or through other pathways, makes it harder to achieve success for any digital product, app or platform. With so much machinery information already available, the opportunities to create value-added digital products around these data sets are virtually endless, and Leaf makes it easy for anyone to access this user-permissioned data and ingest it into their system in a structured and standardized file format. What are you going to create with this data?

“We didn’t need to use our team’s time to build something when it made more sense to move forward with a partnership with Leaf where we could save development time and focus on delivering solutions to our customers.”

Alexandre M. Chequim, Co-Founder & CEO of DigiFarmz

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Utilizing machine information

Turn machine data into decision tools

Fetch machine data

Ingest machine data in a structured and standardized format.

Use machine data

Calculating carbon emissions per acre of field harvested or calculating the actual costs of planting a field - accurate machine data makes these, and thousands of other calculations, quick and easy.

Creating new products

With OEMs making more machine data parameters available every day, the opportunities to create new and novel digital agtech products are endless.

Analyses made easy

With most farming operations using machinery from different manufacturers, making an apples-to-apples comparison with machine data can be challenging. Leaf enables you to overcome these challenges by providing you this data in a standardized format.

Start building with machine data

After authentication, Leaf’s API returns a standardized JSON for planting, application, and harvest operations with data summaries, full datasets and rendered maps.

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“I think there's a tremendous opportunity for Leaf and data connectivity to play a major role within the traceability and sustainability side of agriculture. I really see Sentinel Fertigation long-term getting to a point where we can provide validation data of sustainable fertilizer application practices, across multiple different types of machinery in one single platform. And I think Leaf is going to help us get there.”

Jackson Stansell, CEO & Founder of Sentinel Fertigation

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