DigiFarmz Partners with Leaf to Strengthen Agtech Ecosystem

22 Nov, 2022

DigiFarmz Partners with Leaf to Strengthen Agtech Ecosystem

DigiFarmz Partners with Leaf to Strengthen Agtech Ecosystem

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DigiFarmz is a digital platform working to advance farm management. They combine agronomic information, research data, climatological information, genetics, planting dates, field location, and other parameters, to present intelligent recommendations that help farmers, agronomists, and consultants improve crop production.

Alexandre M. Chequim, Co-Founder & CEO of DigiFarmz explains how they set off to use data intelligence to provide new information for farmers, “We started with a fungicide effectiveness index and then added agronomic data from machines within the field. Now DigiFarmz is using that data to provide a risk mitigation score. These insights are helping farmers increase production, reduce costs and minimize their environmental impact.”

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

DigiFarmz fungicide effectiveness index

Challenge: Limited Resources to Build Data Infrastructure & Integrations

Alexandre knew that part of the challenge of working with large amounts of farm data is building the integrations and infrastructure to support their platform. Farm data, coming from multiple sources, needs conversion and standardization into simple formats so that it can all be used in one platform.

DigiFarmz was looking for a more efficient way to integrate imagery data and connect field boundaries in order to help farmers better determine what inputs to use on a specific field, and the ideal timing and dose to apply each product. However, DigiFarmz wanted to focus their engineering resources on building new algorithms to improve data insights for their customers, instead of building the infrastructure, including imagery and field boundary integrations, so that’s when they turned to Leaf.

“We didn’t need to use our team’s time to build something when it made more sense to move forward with a partnership with Leaf where we could save development time and focus on delivering solutions to our customers.”

  • Alexandre M. Chequim, Co-Founder & CEO of DigiFarmz

Solution: Leaf API Provides Multiple Integrations for DigiFarmz

DigiFarmz found success from the initial testing of Leaf’s API as Alexandre shares, “even from the first few trials, we knew that the partnership with Leaf would be strong. Their team is reliable, providing timely support when we need it, and they made sure the integration process was easy and fast.”

DigiFarmz started with Leaf imagery and field boundaries API integrations. They began by adding a field boundary to the Leaf API, then quickly enrolled that field into an imagery service for remote sensing data, clipped to the geography. DigiFarmz quickly expanded their partnership with Leaf to integrate machine field data operations and now they are testing out Leaf’s prescriptions service as well. With this partnership, their goal is to be a provider of smart recommendations to other companies within the Agtech ecosystem.

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

Leaf imagery within DigiFarmz platform

Leaf’s Standard GeoJSON format and naming conventions, as part of the Leaf API integration, allow industry alignment of multiple machine operation providers for DigiFarmz. Alexandre explains, “you find a need for alignment between the integrations and Leaf plays a significant role in facilitating that alignment.”

Results: Accelerated Features and Connections within the Agtech Ecosystem

Leaf has become a strategic partner for DigiFarmz, working together to solve data integration challenges and generate value for everyone involved.

Faster Delivery of Product Features

With Leaf, DigiFarmz is able to expedite the commercial release of new features, such as the input effectiveness index, to the farmer by leveraging the infrastructure that Leaf has already created. Instead of using internal development time and resources to build supporting infrastructure, they can focus their energy on building value for their customer.

Quicker Expansion of the Agtech Ecosystem

DigiFarmz finds that their partnership with Leaf enables quicker connections to others within the Agtech ecosystem. For example, DigiFarmz started by integrating Climate FieldView and now has a pipeline of 27 startups and solutions to integrate.

"Leaf provides the possibility for us to think of an integration aimed at the Agtech ecosystem in a more efficient way. As we look to expand, we know that those companies and solutions that already have an integration with Leaf will make the process much easier for DigiFarm."

  • Alexandre M. Chequim, Co-Founder & CEO of DigiFarmz

Positioned for Future Value and Technology

The simplified Leaf integrations help DigiFarmz to connect to other platforms that help provide smarter agronomic recommendations. As they look to the future, the type of data needed for improved crop production may shift. Whether it is a focus on machinery, connecting field notebooks or consolidation of technologies, DigiFarmz is already positioned to receive new data and process it to provide better agronomic recommendations. “We can be before, inside, and already out of the farm gate with the data the farmer needs. DigiFarmz has the ability to be flexible in their direction and we see that as a long-term value of the Leaf partnership,” emphasizes Alexandre.

Continued Growth in Partnership with DigiFarmz and Leaf

Leaf has worked with DigiFarmz over the past year to tackle the challenge of data connectivity, improving data quality standards and building more robust integrations. Alexandre highlights, “I believe that Leaf has a very important role to play in being a quality, credible, digital infrastructure for farm data, especially in terms of data security. I am confident Leaf will continue to grow with DigiFarmz, and we bet on that partnership.”

DigiFarmz is now working on providing a risk mitigation score through their platform that will help better inform the decision making process for farmers. Going beyond plant health data, this new platform feature will take a look at the history of productivity as well as financial information to help shape farm management practices. This continued growth for DigiFarmz relies on efficient integration partners and processes.

"Thanks to the synergy and partnership with Leaf, DigiFarmz is looking into the possibility of reaching other platforms, creating new outputs and solutions, without using our internal resources to do the integrations directly."

  • Alexandre M. Chequim, Co-Founder & CEO of DigiFarmz
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