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Leaf grants credits to early stage companies, so you can get started building your products with Leaf for free.

Leaf for startups

We started Leaf in 2018, and those first few years are still very fresh in our memory! We know what it is like to be a small company with a good idea, limited resources and significant barriers to entry into our industry niche. The agtech industry is innovating more rapidly now than ever before, and the importance of having new entrants join the industry in our common quest to sustainably feed a growing population, has never been bigger.

In the early years of Leaf we benefited greatly from credits programs like AWS Activate ourselves, and we therefore want to make sure we pay this forward to other startups in our industry. Through our unified farm data API we bring down technical barriers by eliminating what used to be months to years of redundant work for companies of all sizes. For those new startups with limited resources looking to get in the fast lane toward their MVP, having access to our farm data API can mean the difference between success and …

Our mission

Leaf’s mission is to drive food and agriculture into the future as quickly as possible. We’re inspired by the ambition and vision of the newest companies in the industry and believe that by making the power of Leaf available to early stage companies we as an industry will accomplish our mission faster.

To qualify for the Leaf for Startups program, your company must be founded less than two years ago and have less than $2 million USD in total funding. Eligible companies receive API credits and Leaf resources to help in scaling their solutions.

If you qualify for the criteria above, or if you’re just outside of the criteria but would like us to review your application on its individual merits, fill out the application below!

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Improve your agricultural data infrastructure

A technology-first approach to farm data

Global scale

With customers around the world, our documentation and support is available in native English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Our systems operate with 99.9% uptime, are highly scalable and redundant.

Continuous improvement

We stay ahead of industry shifts by constantly expanding our network of connected companies, adding features, and creating new ways to build with farm data.


Our team is focused on your success. Our service and support is industry-leading, making sure that you can keep building and creating your products as quick as possible.