Are Agtech and Fintech development like Tetris®?

17 Oct, 2021

Are Agtech and Fintech development like Tetris®?

Are Agtech and Fintech development like Tetris®?

G. Bailey Stockdale, Leaf CEO recently sat down with Ryan Teksten with Leaps by Bayer to extend the discussion around what Agtech can learn from the challenges and successes in Fintech. Hear Ryan's take on why partners are important in both industries, how B2B development opportunities are different in Agtech and why the development in both industries can be compared to a game of Tetris.

Why is important to have partners in both Agtech and Fintech development?

  • Ryan stressed that finding partners to do pieces and parts, and even offer services up to entrepreneurs can help make Agtech development's core purpose more meaningful.

How do B2B opportunities in Agtech differ from Fintech?

  • Ryan argues, while there has been some B2C equivalency in Agtech and Fintech development, there's still a lot of development opportunities in the B2B space for Agtech.

How is Fintech and Agtech development similar to a game of Tetris?

  • Ryan envisioned the IT infrastructure of Fintech, like a Tetris game. Similarly, he points out three pillar focus areas: water, soil and carbon are parts of the pieces that form the Agtech technology "Tetris base".

Want more insights? Watch the full fireside chat with Bailey and Ryan.

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