International Women's Day spotlight - Gabriela Barreto

08 Mar, 2024

International Women's Day spotlight - Gabriela Barreto

International Women's Day spotlight - Gabriela Barreto

This International Women's Day, we continue to celebrate and highlight leading women in the agriculture industry. In this customer spotlight we asked Gabriela Barreto, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Sensix, about her experiences working in agtech. With a background in mechatronic engineering, Gabriela brings a unique perspective to the field and is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence through her career. I recently caught up with Gabriela to learn more about her journey, challenges, and aspirations for women working in the agriculture and tech industries:

Q: What is your role and how did you get to where you are today?

Gabriela: "I'm the CPO of Sensix, working with customers and the development team to ensure we make the best product in the market. It began with a non-remunerated internship six years ago. I then grew with the company and am proud to say that my efforts and my search for excellence in my work got me the respect and position I have today."

Q: Reflecting on your career, what pivotal moments or decisions contributed most to your professional growth in the agricultural industry?

Gabriela: "Learning and implementing Agile processes, on my own, while I was still an intern shaped the culture of our dev team to this day and gave me my first position in the company."

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Q: Who inspires you?

Gabriela: "I seek inspiration from leaders in all industries, such as culinary chef Paola Carosella, who transformed her passion into a profitable business, and Luiza Trajano, one of the most prominent female entrepreneurs in Brazil. However, my first and foremost source of inspiration will always be my wife."

Q: What do you hope to see for the future of women in agriculture?

Gabriela: "More respect. We have already had cases where customers: did not want to be served by a woman and asked for a man; were rude to the women on the team but very sympathetic to the men; made inappropriate comments… Our managers always stepped in to protect the team, but I really hope for a future where this is not necessary."

Q: What advice would you give to the younger generation of women in agriculture?

Gabriela: "1 - Be resilient. Our space (and respect) in the industry is still something that we need to conquer and fight for. 2 - Be as confident as the men around you, even if you have to fake it until you make it. The women around me are way more competent than they think they are, so don't let the impostor in your head say otherwise."

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

Q: How do you celebrate success?

Gabriela: "We have quarterly meetings with the whole company to talk about successes and failures. They always end with a Brazilian barbecue and beer."

Q: Describe your typical workday using emojis.

Gabriela: "👩‍💻🗓️💬💬💬💥⛑️🩹"

While progress has been made toward gender equality in recent decades, there's still work to do in fostering respectful environments and ensuring equal opportunities globally. My biggest takeaway from speaking with Gabriela is the importance of resilience, determination and backing yourself with confidence when it comes to overcoming challenges and driving real change. Gabriela's trajectory from Intern to Chief Product Officer in six years is already proof of how far this mindset will get you, and I’m certain she will continue to make a big impact throughout her career. Join us in celebrating the contributions of women like Gabriela in agriculture/technology, and let's continue to work towards shaping a more inclusive future!

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Lacey Baker, Iowa native, is the Product Support Manager with Leaf Agriculture. She started her career in the health industry serving as a certified medical assistant but her love for agriculture drew her over to the agriculture industry. She has worked in IT and digital customer support with DuPont Pioneer, MapShots, Inc., and Granular where she managed support teams and implemented ticket resolution processes. Lacey is passionate about building relationships and is driven for excellence, which makes her a fantastic conduit between our customers' success and product development.

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