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Field Boundaries

Import, export, and sync field boundaries across 120+ AgTech platforms



Receive imagery from all of your preferred satellite, airplane, and drone providers

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var request = require('request'); const axios = require("axios") //Enter test Leaf token const TOKEN = 'leaf_demo_eyJhbGgiOiL3afUxMiJ9' // Retrieve sample Machine Operations Data from Leaf const endpoint ='' const headers = { 'Authorization': `Bearer ${TOKEN}`} const res = await axios.get(endpoint, { headers }) const data = // Click “► run” to try this code live.

Global Scale

We help power Food and Agriculture products around the world with global offices and products compatible in 180+ countries. Our documentation and support is available in native English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.


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Our team of world class developers is constantly expanding our network of connected companies, maintaining integrations, adding features, and building new ways to work with agriculture data.

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