Access 3rd party data through widgets

Simplifying account access authorization processes and automating ag data file uploads through widgets.

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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
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Integrating with Leaf gives you the ability to simply and securely access data from 3rd party accounts, or the hassle-free upload of any operations data.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Leaf Link offers companies widgets that can be embedded in an app, on a website, or any other software offering, to simplify processes that used to be a lot more difficult and time consuming. Leaf Link widgets are built in Angular and React, a component-based framework for building scalable web applications. This means that, instead of creating their own widgets or other custom-built solutions, Leaf clients are able to use Leaf Link widgets as an off the shelf solution - saving time and resources. Leaf Links currently available:

  • Leaf Link for Manual File Uploads
  • Leaf Link for Third Party Authentication
  • Leaf Magic Link for sharable URLs

Leaf Link for Manual File Uploads

Most farmers still have a lot of machine data files on hard drives or thumb drives; being able to utilize this data in a connected setting used to be challenging, but Leaf Link has changed that. Leaf Link for file uploads allows all different machine file formats to be uploaded to the Leaf network for conversion using the Leaf API. The link is available for Angular and React and can be added to any application or website by Leaf clients. Once the link is added to an application or website, anyone can upload machinery files: farmers, agronomic advisors, technical advisors, specialist staff or anyone else involved in the process. The link does not require any login, as machinery files automatically get added to the correct field through a process of geospatial matching. Once a user selects the zip files using the file picker, or drops files in the drag & drop zone, the files automatically get uploaded and Leaf takes care of everything from there.

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

Leaf Link for Third Party Authentication

Leaf is THE industry partner for enabling agtech companies and other service providers in accessing their users’ operation and machinery data to allow for further utilization. Creating authentication processes that allow users to connect their OEM data accounts to third parties can be difficult, but Leaf Link simplifies this and makes the process quick and painless. The Leaf Third Party Authentication Link is available for Angular and React and can be added to any application or website by Leaf clients. Once the link is added to an application or website, users are able to log into their OEM account with providers such as John Deere, Climate FieldView, Trimble, CaseIH, and authorize a Leaf-connected partner to access data in their account. Users are able to rescind authorization at any time.

No UI? No Problem!

Not every Leaf client has a UI in the form of an app or a website for their clients, and we want to make sure that everyone is able to benefit from using Leaf Link - introducing: Leaf Magic Link! Leaf Magic Link is a shareable URL that Leaf customers can generate for their grower clients to authenticate with a data provider such as John Deere, Case, Trimble or to perform a manual file upload - all with no front-end code required. Once you’re set up with Leaf Magic Link, you can create a URL for any of your clients that want to authenticate with a data provider or perform a manual file upload. Simply select the action you’d like your client to take, add your client’s email address, and a unique shareable URL gets created that you can send to your client via text or email. When your client clicks their link, Leaf Magic Link will open up in a browser and guide them through the process.

“Besides the API infrastructure, we love working with Leaf because of their expertise, responsive communication, and their workforce multiplication,” said Sikora. “With a little administrative work on our side, we get all of the benefits of the hard work the Leaf team puts into each integration.”

Ross Sikora, Software Engineering Manager at Growers Edge

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Leaf Link

Simplifying connectivity

No more cumbersome data transfers

With Leaf Links, anyone can upload data to the Leaf network for conversion.

Users remain in-charge

Leaf Links makes it easy for users to link their OEM accounts to third parties, and make changes to the level or scope of authorization at any time.

Increase data utilization

Most ag data remains in silos, whether it’s in an isolated cloud account or on a thumb-drive in the bottom drawer of a desk. Data can only be used after it’s made accessible, and Leaf Links solves this problem.

Inter-connectivity in Agriculture

Farmers use multiple brands of equipment, causing data to be fragmented, which prevents it from being used to its full potential. By connecting multiple accounts and centralizing data with third parties who add value, Leaf Links unlocks value that was previously unheard of in ag data.

Start building with machine data

After authentication, Leaf’s API returns a standardized JSON for planting, application, and harvest operations with data summaries, full datasets and rendered maps.

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“The integration using Leaf’s API is very strategic for us because it easily brings important management information from the field and in a consistent format. With the integrations, the information comes into Aegro automatically, saving time for agricultural producers.”

Paulo Silvestrin, Co-Founder & Product Manager at Aegro

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