We're building the future of food and agriculture.

The farm data ecosystem of the future

Who are we?

We are Leaf Agriculture, provider of a unified farm data API. After experiencing the difficulty of building applications in food and agriculture first hand as software developers, and hearing similar stories of frustration with existing tools and often insurmountable technical barriers from other companies, we decided to tackle the problem at hand.

Inspired by companies like Twilio, Stripe, Segment, and Plaid, we decided to build a unified farm data API that would help software developers and companies focus on their core products and accelerate their growth.

“As we learn more about our customers and listen to their requests, we have realized that the opportunity to provide infrastructure services to food and agriculture companies is much larger than just the foundational building blocks. We intend to provide as many of the services in the stack as possible.”

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
G Bailey Stockdale
CEO and co-founder

What do we do?

Leaf helps software developers access user permissioned data from a wide variety of sources. This means that, with the end-user's permission, we help software companies access and deliver farm data related products without the hassle of creating a plethora of different API connections or working with many different file types.

“We have found that every company in food and agriculture struggles with these same problems and that they are excited about using Leaf to abstract significant pieces of their backend. In addition, we’ve learned that it is not only the foundational data unification that they need, but also higher level services like rendering images from data, synchronizing field boundaries across platforms, and even fraud detection.”

Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
Luiz Santana
CTO and co-founder

We're building the farm data ecosystem of the future.

If you’re excited about enabling the future of food and agriculture, we’d love to hear from you. Work remotely with people from the USA and Brazil.

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