Aegro Automates Data Input with Leaf API

10 Jan, 2022

Aegro Automates Data Input with Leaf API

Aegro Automates Data Input with Leaf API

Aegro is passionate about advancing agriculture by delivering outstanding tools for farmers. Over the last seven years they have built the largest Farm Management Software in Brazil by providing a powerful and easy to use tool that unites the operational and financial activities of the farm. To-date, Aegro’s farm management application has over 1,700 clients that represent around 3,000 farms and over 2,000,000 hectares. Through their software, farmers can easily manage their operations and use insights provided by Aegro for crop planning, financial management, machinery management and more.

Aegro began using Leaf’s Aerial Imagery API to power their imagery product. Recently, Aegro expanded their Leaf usage to include Leaf’s Field Boundary and Machinery APIs to power automatic data entry in their core product and their new financial services.

“We believe that the future of farm management systems will be integrations and we want our platform to be a central point with all the key information farmers need to make the important decisions about their business."

  • Paulo Silverstrin, Co-Founder and PM at Aegro

Crafting A Game Plan for Seamless Integrations

Since the start, Aegro’s focus has been on providing farmers with the information they need through a seamless experience. With Aegro, farmers can manage and track all of the activities during the production process including input and seed costs, scouting or field observations, machinery consumption and maintenance costs, and more to make meaningful decisions to help improve yields and ROI.

Aegro’s goal is to consolidate all the information from the field in one central application for the producer as well as automatically handle the data collection and entry. They passionately believe that farmers will be best served when they can access management information such as the cost per fuel, the cost of inputs, the total amount of inputs for each field without having to spend time on manually inputting data.

In order to streamline the right data for the producer they quickly realized there were several data integrations needed both on the financial and agronomic side of the business. Paulo explained how they work to save farmer’s time by building automations on the financial side:

“We are integrating with banks here in Brazil to automate invoice data into Aegro so farmers can make the financial decisions they need without wasting time on manually inputting financial data.”

To do this on the agronomic side they knew there were integrations that needed to be built to merge field data into Aegro. In fact, they initially started to build API integrations internally, with a senior developer spending at least 6 months on just the integration of field boundaries with one major brand. However, they realized that these efforts were still not bringing the full potential value to their clients. It would require significantly more resources than they had originally anticipated to build and maintain complex internal tools to ingest all field operation activities, merge files into Field Operations, add new data providers, translate from multiple formats, and other hurdles. Aegro knew that in order to provide a better user experience and scale the data important for their customers, they needed an API partner.

Building Farm Management Services with Leaf’s API

Aegro decided to use Leaf’s API to build the agronomic data integrations for imagery, machine data and field boundaries for their farm management application. Paulo expanded on why they choose to partner with Leaf,

“The integration using Leaf’s API is very strategic for us because it easily brings important management information from the field and in a consistent format. With the integrations, the information comes into Aegro automatically, saving time for agricultural producers.”

With Leaf, Aegro has become compatible with all major machinery brands and is now delivering better data and more value to their customers. Using Leaf they were able to launch a new service called Aegro Machines in two months with support for Climate FieldView™ and John Deere. In addition, they launched an aerial imagery product using Leaf’s Imagery API to help their customers see in season imagery data combined with machine Field Operation maps and summary data.

"The integration process was easy using Leaf. The effort we needed to make was very low because of Leaf’s API and the value that we bring to our clients now is very high as we are able to automatically display the data in one place.”

Throughout the integration process Aegro had specific demands, questions, and feature requests:

“It was an amazing integration with Luiz and your team. The dev meetings with our developers and your developers where we went through specific demands, discussed feature requests and usage questions were very helpful. Leaf was extremely fast in adding our requested features and improvements. Your guys have amazing intuition.”

Expanding Offerings for Added Customer Value

With key data integration partners such as Leaf, Aegro is excited to be able to expand their farm management application services with additional add-ons that include Fintech services, satellite imagery and machinery data.

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

As Aegro expands their services, Paulo added that he is excited about the additional features Leaf is planning to offer as well. Aegro continues to bring suggestions as they see a customer need. What it boils down to though for Paulo,

“Leaf’s aptitude, scalability and ease of integration are the three things I love the most.”

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