Why should you consider releasing products before this planting season?

04 Feb, 2024

Why should you consider releasing products before this planting season?

Why should you consider releasing products before this planting season?

The upcoming farming season is on the horizon, and farmers are in the process of planning and preparing for it. This seasonal cycle of planning, planting, growing, and harvesting is something that many agtech providers need to keep in mind when it comes to planning their product roadmap. Releasing relevant products/features in time for these seasonal windows boosts the odds of successful adoption, engagement and customer satisfaction. This pre-planting window that we’re in now holds several opportunities for agtech providers to get ahead of the season:

Input and operation data is about to start flowing in

If your customers only need the harvest side of operation data in your application, you can probably revisit later in the growing season. But for planting & applications, now is your window to giving your customers an advantage in time for this growing season. Whether you’re a carbon MRV wanting to reduce the amount of double-data entry for growers to tap into carbon markets, a crop insurance company wanting to better estimate risks for fair coverage, or a farm management information system looking to automate record keeping, making it easier for growers to use your technology creates a win-win for both of you. When your technology is easy to work with and the value that integrated data brings to customers is clear, adoption and engagement will follow.

By integrating directly, you would have already missed your window for the 2024 season due to the complexity of proprietary file formats per provider. But through Leaf, it’s quick, easy and scalable to be compatible with machinery data from providers like John Deere, Agleader, Climate, and even leading input databases, through one API connection. Recently we had a customer go live with all machine OEMs in just 2 days!

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

Guide to Planting Data

This free downloadable guide for agricultural technology providers explores:

Types of planting data and how it’s used
Common challenges with planting data
How to easily integrate planting data

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Imagery data is valuable from crop post-emergence to pre-harvest

Imagery data, such as NDVI or NDRE, becomes most valuable during the post-emergence to pre-harvest stages of the growing season, because that’s the time to scout for biomass variability in a crop. By viewing imagery data, growers and agronomists get a birdseye view of their fields and can spot issues across a much larger scale, whether it be a leaky irrigation pipe, pest damage or a nutrient-related deficiency.

Leaf’s unified API takes the complexity out of integrating crop monitoring data. It gets you up and running with simplicity and speed, and has perks like pay-per-acre, low ongoing maintenance, and access to multiple providers like Planet and Sentinel (see tutorial). If you started today with 1 developer on the job, you could have imagery features in your technology in under a week!

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

In conclusion, product release timing is key in a season-dependent industry like farming and this pre-planting window provides a great opportunity to get ahead of this season. It’s not too late to release integrated features in time for this growing season that make it easier for your customers to use your technology, boost adoption and foster engagement. It’s no longer as daunting and time-consuming as it once was to integrate farm data, so what better time than now to explore options for your technology? I invite you to book a demo with us to see how Leaf’s unified agriculture API can help speed up any of your farm data related projects this year.

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