Release Notes - February 2024

15 Feb, 2024

Release Notes - February 2024

Release Notes - February 2024

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Welcome to the February 2024 release notes. With the next growing season in sight, we’ve released some new features for improved clarity and organization. Let’s dive into what’s new!

👓 Improved RGB image clarity with Planet’s ortho_visual


In this release, we're introducing support for the Planet ortho_visual asset type. This means you now have access to RGB images with corrections and enhancements directly from Planet. Example of what this looks like below; it's kind of like putting on a pair of new glasses for the first time:

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

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🍽️ Fertilizer properties now included in planting operations


You can now access fertilizer properties along with planting properties when the tasks are done simultaneously. This means that when fertilizer has been applied during the planting operation, you’ll now get the relevant application information like product name, application rate and units via the standardGeojson.

This enables better tracking of field nutrition history from both applications and planting so those seedlings can grow strong and get what they need throughout the season.

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

🚪Improved authentication scope mapping across providers


Customizing the authorization scopes needed for each provider just got a whole lot simpler. Now, the scopes are neatly grouped by Leaf product, so you won't need to juggle different names for each provider anymore. For now this new scope mapping works for Leaf Link and Leaf Magic Link (classic authentication process coming soon). Below you’ll find the new scope mappings per product:

Product Scope
Field Boundary (read) FIELDS:READ
Field Boundary (write)
Prescriptions (read) PRESCRIPTION:READ
Prescriptions (write) PRESCRIPTION:WRITE
Assets (read) ASSETS:READ
Products (read) PRODUCTS:READ

As an example, if you need to generate a John Deere authentication URL that asks permission to fetch field and operation data and send RX files, you can inform it as follows:


Leaf Link already includes the basic scopes by default, like Fields and Operations, but you can customize them as you wish. Only the informed scopes will be used.

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