Leaf increases scope of Stara integration

30 Mar, 2023

Leaf increases scope of Stara integration

Leaf increases scope of Stara integration

Today we are excited to announce that - at the request of many clients - we have increased the scope of Leaf’s Stara integration. Where previously only authentication and machine information were enabled through the Leaf API, Leaf users are now also able to access field boundaries, files and field operations from Stara machines & online platform.

Stara participates in the Brazilian ag equipment market with a network of more than 130 dealerships, with exclusive sales of the brand in Brazil. Stara is a renowned manufacturer of products such as planters, spreaders and sprayers, which generate precision data that can be used by growers to improve their operation. Stara is one of the largest data providers in the Brazilian ag segment, and being able to use this data with other ag tech businesses is key for many farmers.

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

Data from Stara machines that is now available through Leaf’s API includes as-applied and planted data from the planters, spreaders and sprayers. With properties such as applied rate, elevation, products applied, total area applied, machine, variety and start/end time to just name a few, the use cases of this data are virtually endless. Field boundaries and names can also be accessed from Stara Telemetria, and will be standardized through Leaf’s API just like field boundaries and names from any other OEM platform.

Leaf is constantly working on expanding API connectivity, both with existing integrations like Stara as well as with new OEMs and other data providers, in order to support clients around the world. As always, we’re open to feedback from you on what you’d like to see us work on next. Leaf was able to fulfill 56 feature requests in 2022! That’s more than 1 per WEEK on average… pretty amazing if you ask me!

More information on how to authenticate with Stara credentials via Leaf can be found in our documentation. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or any of my colleagues in either Brazil or North America.

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Emily Leite

Sales Lead - LATAM

Emily Leite, originally from Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil, is the Sales Lead with Leaf Agriculture, focused on the LATAM region. She started as an intern with Leaf after graduating with an Agronomic Engineering Degree and has moved into a sales lead role. Emily is passionate about using data science to look for sustainable and innovative solutions in agriculture.

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