Introducing Leaf Connect

07 Mar, 2023

Introducing Leaf Connect

Introducing Leaf Connect

Solving problems for the food & agriculture industry is one of our passions at Leaf, and being able to introduce a new service that addresses a major issue for the industry is very exciting. Digital collaboration with other businesses, working on the same datasets, and launching partnerships across the industry is critical to many food & agriculture businesses, which is why we have now launched: Leaf Connect!

With Leaf Connect, companies can share data with their partners via Leaf. This gives them a simple and secure way to share data with their partners so they can avoid non-secure and unscalable methods and do not need to build and maintain their own API infrastructure, security, documentation, and support in order to enable partnerships. Leaf Connect allows partners to implement quickly, ensure secure data transfer, and use the same Leaf tools that they are already familiar with.

Leaf Connect accomplishes this by allowing any company using Leaf to request permission, and receive access, to another company’s data. By default, data coming through Leaf is secured by account, meaning that data that is permissioned by a farmer to a company is only available to that company and no others. With Leaf Connect, companies can now request permission from the farmer and a partner company to allow the partner company to access the farmer’s data via Leaf.

If permission is granted, the partner company is able to access the partner’s data in their own Leaf account. Since this is all user-permissioned data, it is important to note that data collaboration only happens between two accounts, and data is never shared broadly across multiple companies. Leaf Connect allows either party to granularly configure which data is being shared, how long it is available, and revoke access at any time. Learn more here.

When I speak to current and prospective Leaf clients, the issue of connectivity is raised in many of these conversations. Being able to share data between companies, instead of everyone having to work within their independent data silos, is seen by so many as key to better serving grower clients by offering them a more seamless ag data experience. Leaf Connect addresses this need, and is the first step in creating an actual farm data network which will benefit everyone in the food and agriculture industry - exciting times!

How to get started

Whether you are an existing Leaf client or looking to join the Leaf farm data network, please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like more information on how Leaf Connect works and how it can help your business achieve their goals.

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Jackson Jeffries

Sales Lead - US & EMEA

Jackson Jeffries is a Sales Lead with Leaf Agriculture, focused on the US and EMEA region. Prior to Leaf he has led sales and digital transformation initiatives for a variety of tech solutions within finance, IT, event planning and agriculture sectors. He served as both Account Executive and Digital Business Manager for the Southeast US region with Corteva Agriculture leading his team to help increase digital adoption of agricultural solutions.

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