Introducing Leaf Link: Providers

02 May, 2023

Introducing Leaf Link: Providers

Introducing Leaf Link: Providers

Leaf Link is an easy to embed widget that makes integrating farm data providers even easier. Now you can embed Leaf Link in your frontend, app, or even an email to your customers, and Link will take care of the rest of the authentication workflow for you. This will further reduce the time/effort it takes to go live with data partners and allows you to ingest data even easier, while your customers can get a consistent, intuitive connection UI for all providers.

Leaf Link makes it quick and easy for your clients to provide you access to their farm data currently stored on other platforms. Now by embedding a single widget, you can be compatible with data from all major farm data sources including John Deere, Climate Fieldview, CNHi, Trimble, and more.

Each data provider has an authentication process where farmers can grant 3rd party tools access to their data. This process ensures that growers retain full control over their data, and that they are always in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding who can access the data and for which purposes. Growers can rescind access at any time.

Every company that uses farm data from a third party in their platform or software application has to implement this authentication process for their users. Historically this has been a time-consuming and difficult process, as every farm data provider (OEMs) has widely different authentication procedures, creating a large burden on companies trying to create integrated solutions, and often resulting in significant barriers to adoption. With this reality in mind, we decided to create a solution that would benefit all Leaf users!

Introducing the Leaf Provider Connection / Authentication Link

Leaf Link allows companies to embed a single widget into their software that allows growers to quickly and easily authenticate with all of their OEM accounts. Then, the authorized data can flow from the OEM cloud platforms to the technology provider via Leaf. Users remain in charge of the scope of the data that can be accessed by the technology provider, and the Link allows them to rescind access as well when this is needed.

In the first release, the Link will support integrations with JD Operations Center, Climate FieldView, Trimble, AgLeader AgFiniti, and AFS Connect. This Leaf Link is another step in simplifying the process of creating technology offerings around ag data for providers that choose to use Leaf, and increases their speed-to-market. I’m very excited to see Leaf clients starting to use this Link, as I know from talking to our clients every day that this is a big need that is not yet addressed by any other provider in the market place currently.

What’s next?

The Leaf Provider Connection / Authentication Link is ready to be used by all Leaf clients at no extra cost, and I look forward to seeing the time savings that will be achieved with this! If you have any questions on how to get started with the implementation, please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone else on the Leaf team. You can also find a demonstration here.

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Lacey Baker

Product Support Manager

Lacey Baker, Iowa native, is the Product Support Manager with Leaf Agriculture. She started her career in the health industry serving as a certified medical assistant but her love for agriculture drew her over to the agriculture industry. She has worked in IT and digital customer support with DuPont Pioneer, MapShots, Inc., and Granular where she managed support teams and implemented ticket resolution processes. Lacey is passionate about building relationships and is driven for excellence, which makes her a fantastic conduit between our customers' success and product development.

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