Leaf launches Leaf Link to speed-up 3rd party integration work in food & agriculture

02 May, 2023

Leaf launches Leaf Link to speed-up 3rd party integration work in food & agriculture

Leaf launches Leaf Link to speed-up 3rd party integration work in food & agriculture

After launching Leaf Connect and Leaf Weather last month, I’m excited to announce our third product launch for 2023: Leaf Link - a new product by Leaf that dramatically decreases the amount of time needed to create 3rd party integrations and allow farmers to easily upload their ag data. Leaf Link offers companies off-the-shelf widgets for the most crucial and time-consuming aspects of creating 3rd party integrations and embedding them in their app, platform or other software offering.

Improving the speed of our customers’ development process is a key part of our mission as this allows these businesses to achieve higher engagement from their clients. Leaf Link contributes to this by decreasing the time needed by our clients to implement Leaf up to 90% in some cases! By using Leaf Link’s off-the-shelf solutions, companies will be able to create a more consistent workflow and user experience, which increases the results achieved by all users and will lead to higher brand trust.

The first two Leaf Links to become available are the File Upload Link and the Provider Connection / Authentication Link. Both of these Links address some of the most common and pressing issues in agtech, while fulfilling a need that exists with most technology providers.

The Leaf File Upload Link allows technology providers to embed a widget into their software offering that enables the hassle-free upload of any kind of machinery data file by their users. While research suggests that around 70% of acres planted in the US is done so with machinery that has active guidance systems, which can thus capture data as well, the percentage of growers that has this data readily available in an OEM cloud account is significantly lower. With the Leaf File Upload Link, growers that have collected this data but that don’t have it stored in a cloud account, are now able to upload it to their technology provider and start utilizing it without the technical challenges of emailing files, uploading to Dropbox or mailing physical thumb drives. For more information on the Leaf File Upload Link, see here.

The Leaf Provider Connection / Authentication Link allows technology providers to embed a widget into their software offering that enables a quick and easy way for growers to authenticate their OEM accounts. These accounts can then be linked so that data can flow from the OEM cloud platforms, via Leaf, to the technology provider. Users remain in charge of the scope of the data that can be accessed by the technology provider, and Link allows them to rescind access as well when this is needed. For more information on the Leaf Provider Connection / Authentication Link, see here.

Leaf Link simplifies the process of creating technology offerings around ag data for providers that choose to use Leaf, and increases their speed-to-market at no extra cost. Instead of connecting to multiple providers with different API structures, dealing with many different data formats and other intricacies, and having to develop everything around ag data from scratch, Leaf makes working with ag data easy and lowers the threshold for new and novel ag data-based solutions to become available to growers and others involved in the farming process.

What’s next?

After the huge amount of positive feedback we have received during beta testing already, we are confident that leaf Links will make a significant difference for many businesses and processes that our clients spend time on every day. As 2023 progresses we look forward to introducing you to more Leaf Links.

In the meantime you can find demo code in a sandbox environment here or see a demonstration here, and your Leaf representative is of course also able to explain this to you in more detail and help you get started with Leaf Links.

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G. Bailey Stockdale

CEO and Co-Founder

G. Bailey Stockdale, originally from California, Co-Founded Leaf Agriculture in May 2018 and is currently serving as the CEO. His previous experience with SP Ventures as an Entrepreneur in Residence (located in the São Paulo Area of Brazil) as well as founding one of the first large-scale agriculture remote sensing companies in Brazil fostered the experience and connections leading to the foundation of Leaf. Bailey has extensive knowledge of agriculture atomization and is passionate about making it easier to build with farm data.

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