Farmers Edge and Leaf Partner to Expand Data Access to Farmers Through Unified API

20 Dec, 2023

Farmers Edge and Leaf Partner to Expand Data Access to Farmers Through Unified API

Farmers Edge and Leaf Partner to Expand Data Access to Farmers Through Unified API

Distributed initially by Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge Inc. (“Farmers Edge” or the “Company”)(TSX: FDGE), a pure-play digital agriculture company, today announced a new partnership with Leaf Agriculture (“Leaf”), the unified API for food and agriculture.

Leaf Agriculture’s data platform serves as a key driver for the food & agriculture industry, connecting Farmers Edge technology with various agricultural data providers. This partnership enables Farmers Edge to offer growers a standardized and scalable solution for seamless integration of machine data, expanding the information on which to base decisions.

Farmers Edge has already established API integrations with industry giants such as John Deere and Case. With the inclusion of Leaf Agriculture, Farmers Edge will improve these integrations and extend its reach to integrate with other leading providers, including Climate FieldView, Trimble, Raven, Stara, and AgLeader. The Leaf integration facilitates the transfer of operational data from third-party providers to the FarmCommand platform, providing new information and revealing untapped efficiencies and opportunities. Field Operation data being captured and analysed automatically means fewer manual data entries for farmers, so they have more time to plan and coordinate their operations.

“Our partnership with Leaf Agriculture is an important step in enhancing data interoperability across the agriculture ecosystem. Data drives a grower’s decision-making, and this collaboration will enable users to better leverage their data from multiple sources.” – Farmers Edge CEO, Vibhore Arora.

Leaf Agriculture, recently Ag Data Transparent certified, underscores its commitment to transparency and farmers being in control of their data. This certification aligns with Farmers Edge's values, ensuring that data management is transparent, secure, and under the farmer's control.

Bailey Stockdale, CEO of Leaf Agriculture, is excited about the partnership: "We're thrilled that Farmers Edge is bringing more integration options to their customers and are confident that this will drive new value for them. In addition, by using Leaf, Farmers Edge is able to focus all of their product and engineering efforts on their customers, which will bring them even more new value."

About Leaf Agriculture

Leaf Agriculture is food and agriculture’s data infrastructure company and they empower companies and software developers to easily build with farm data. Leaf’s API makes farm data integrations fast, seamless, and standardized. Insurance, Carbon, Lending, Farm management, Biotech, Food, and other types of companies use Leaf to power their platforms. Learn more at and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge is a global leader in digital agriculture, revolutionizing the industry with a broad portfolio of proprietary technological innovations, spanning hardware, software, and services. Powered by a unique combination of connected field sensors, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and agronomic expertise, the Company’s digital platform turns data into actions and intelligent insights, delivering value to all stakeholders of the agricultural ecosystem. Farmers Edge disruptive technologies accelerate digital adoption on the farm and beyond, protecting our global resources and ensuring sustainable food production for a rapidly growing population. For more information on Farmers Edge, please visit Additional information relating to the Company, including all public filings, is available on SEDAR+ (

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