Raven Slingshot Integration with Leaf

16 Feb, 2022

Raven Slingshot Integration with Leaf

Raven Slingshot Integration with Leaf

In this post we are going to talk about integration with Raven Slingshot® starting from creating a developer account to registering the credentials to a user. All endpoints can be found in our docs and Postman collection.


  • Step 0: Create a Raven Slingshot developer account
  • Step 1: Get your Access Key
  • Step 2: Add Raven Slingshot credential to Leaf

Step 0: Create A Raven Slingshot Developer Account

(If you already have a developer account with Raven Slingshot, you can skip this step.)

First, create an account in the RavenSlingshot portal. It’s possible to submit a request to open an account (Request Account) at the login page, displayed below:

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

Which takes you to this form:

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

After requesting the account, you’ll also need to sign an ISV agreement to be able to use their API. To do this, send an email to apisupport@ravenind.com, with the following information:

  • Company’s Legal Name
  • Company’s Address
  • Integration Goals - Utilize the Leaf and Slingshot Integration
  • Your account username and email

Once the agreement has been executed, Raven Slingshot will provide you with your API Key and Shared Secret through the registered email address.

Step 1: Get Your Access Key

Once you have your Raven Slingshot username and password you can authenticate to the Raven Slingshot portal through the previously mentioned login page.

After logging in, select “API and Data Access Control" on the “Share” dropdown menu as shown below:

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

This section allows you to create and edit access keys, if you already have an existing registered key just copy the value for it from the Access Key column shown below:

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

Step 2: Add Raven Slingshot Credential To A Leaf User

Leaf’s API uses an abstraction called Leaf User to store credentials and organize data for each individual data owner. In most cases, the Leaf User will be the farmer or consultant that has access to the source data inside the machinery company’s FMIS.

To send your credentials to Leaf, you will need your access token from Leaf, and have already created a Leaf User. If you don’t know how to do that,

  • Here is how you get your access token
  • Here is how you create a Leaf User Now, attach your credentials to the Leaf User you created. Send a POST to


with the following Header:

and the following JSON:

Excellent! Now you are connected to Raven Slingshot via Leaf.

Software developers use Leaf’s API to build and scale a wide range of products including farm optimization tools, lending products, outcome-based financing, land and input marketplaces, agronomic recommendations, traceability applications, equipment maintenance forecasting, and more.

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