The State of Agtech & Digital Infrastructure

07 Feb, 2022

The State of Agtech & Digital Infrastructure

The State of Agtech & Digital Infrastructure

Leaf’s CEO Bailey Stockdale recently connected with Sachi Desai of The Climate Corporation, Jake Joraanstand of Bushel, and Mark Johnson, formerly with Grainbridge, for a fireside chat to share insights and ask questions about the current state of Agtech and digital infrastructure.

The conversation ranged from discussing the difference between an application company and an infrastructure company to gauging the industry’s ability to partner to build better solutions. Plus the four Agtech leaders dove into the history of the apps to infrastructure cycle and discussed other industries that evolved in similar ways .

Dive into these soundbites from the discussion or scroll to the bottom to see the whole fireside chat with video chapters noted to navigate to topics you’re most interested in.

Not to be confused: there is a difference between a software company and an infrastructure company

Where are the gaps in Agtech and who's filling them?

Changing the conversation around what needs to be built in Agtech

How do you optimize your business strategy for infrastructure?

Collaboration may just be the key to building better applications in Agtech

Want more insights? Watch the full fireside chat below

It's an exciting time to build

Leaf's mission is to help companies build the future of agriculture by providing intuitive, powerful tools so that developers can focus on their core applications and deliver value to their customers.

Leaf's unified API helps Agtech companies become instantly compatible with all major agriculture data sources so they can focus their full effort on building valuable applications for their customers while Leaf’s team manages the complicated and time-consuming challenges of data integration, file translation, standardization, and ongoing integration maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about Leaf, please find product information here and register for an account here.

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