Year in review - Leaf’s highlights of 2023

30 Nov, 2023

Year in review - Leaf’s highlights of 2023

Year in review - Leaf’s highlights of 2023

As the year draws to a close and we prepare to 'turn the Leaf' into the new year, I want to take a minute to thank our customers and the larger Industry for getting behind Leaf’s mission. Leaf has hit significant milestones this year, and we're gearing up to make an even greater impact in 2024. Before we welcome the new year, let's reflect on the key highlights of 2023.

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Leaf Connect for sharing data with your partners

Leaf Connect simplifies sharing farm data like field boundaries and field operations between partners. With Leaf Connect, not only is it possible to access translated data from providers, but now you can also easily share that data with your partners. This makes it easy for companies to activate data partnerships without needing to take on the significant complexity and cost of developing, supporting, and maintaining custom APIs, data structures, and documentation

Leaf Weather for accessing unified weather data

We received an overwhelming number of requests for a unified weather API to alleviate the challenges that come with pulling data from multiple providers. So we set out to create a unified source of weather data to make it easier to incorporate both historical and forecasted weather data. Leaf Weather introduced a way to access field-level weather data globally from a variety of forecast models and variables. With Leaf Weather, you can access multiple weather data models in the same format, and priced per acre. This allows companies to easily build in redundancy, allow their users to compare different weather data sources, and get consistent pricing for their weather data.

Leaf Link for easy-to-install widgets or sharable URLs

Leaf Link speeds up front-end development with pre-built widgets. First, we introduced the Leaf Link widgets for provider authentication and manual file upload. More recently, we also released Magic Link, a sharable URL version that eliminates the need to build any user interface. Now you can get growers connected without needing to build your own provider authentication workflow.

AWS Marketplace Integration for centralized procurement

In a strategic partnership with Amazon, this year Leaf integrated its API into the AWS Marketplace. This collaboration allows users to get their Leaf bill as a line item on their AWS bill and integrate Leaf with additional AWS resources. Leaf customers can now seamlessly integrate our products into their existing AWS infrastructure, consolidating cloud accounts for a smoother experience.

ADT certification for data transparency

This year also marked the beginning of our Ag Data Transparent certification, which reinforces our commitment to security, data privacy, and transparency in managing farm data.

We also had a blast catching up with so many of you throughout the year online or in person at conferences and events. We are committed to building the infrastructure the industry needs to accelerate, and we are so thankful to you, our customers, and the industry for aligning with our mission. We're looking forward to the new year and encourage you to share any feedback or questions with us at

To our customers and partners - thank you for being part of Leaf's journey in 2023. Wishing you a safe and merry holiday season!

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G. Bailey Stockdale

CEO and Co-Founder

G. Bailey Stockdale, originally from California, Co-Founded Leaf Agriculture in May 2018 and is currently serving as the CEO. His previous experience with SP Ventures as an Entrepreneur in Residence (located in the São Paulo Area of Brazil) as well as founding one of the first large-scale agriculture remote sensing companies in Brazil fostered the experience and connections leading to the foundation of Leaf. Bailey has extensive knowledge of agriculture atomization and is passionate about making it easier to build with farm data.

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