Leaf Agriculture Raises $5M Convertible Note Led by S2G Ventures

29 Mar, 2022

Leaf Agriculture Raises $5M Convertible Note Led by S2G Ventures

Leaf Agriculture Raises $5M Convertible Note Led by S2G Ventures

March 29, 2022 — Leaf, food and agriculture’s data infrastructure company, has raised $5 million in seed funding led by S2G Ventures with participation from all existing investors including Cultivian, Radicle Growth, and SP Ventures. Software developers and companies of all sizes use Leaf’s unified farm data API to send and receive user-permissioned data across platforms in a consistent, standardized way so they can focus all of their time on building new value for their customers.

Companies representing over 200M acres are already using Leaf’s API to build and scale products for carbon & sustainability tracking, farm management, lending and insurance, biotech, land and input marketplaces, agronomy, food traceability, maintenance forecasting, and more.

By removing data infrastructure barriers, Leaf enables agtech companies ranging from solo founders to the largest Food and Agriculture companies in the world to focus on their core products and launch, go-to-market, and scale faster. Food and Agriculture are among the largest - yet least digitized - industries in the world, providing massive market opportunity for new agtech products and offerings to unlock value for farmers, food processors, retailers and consumers.

As a result, the agtech market is growing quickly. From helping farmers make more informed decisions in areas like farmland financing and carbon sequestration, agriculture companies are building digital products to unlock new value and their momentum is driving the demand for new tools to help power these applications.

Leaf’s product addresses that demand. Leaf’s unified farm data API allows anyone to send and receive user-permissioned data across platforms in a consistent, standardized way, eliminating the need to build and maintain multiple integrations and related backend infrastructure.

“We started Leaf after experiencing the frustrations of developers working in food and agriculture first hand. Before Leaf, large and well-funded development teams would struggle for years to overcome inconsistent data access, formats, translation, organization, and integrations. Now these same companies and teams of all sizes use Leaf to focus on building new value for their customers instead of maintaining redundant backend infrastructure,” said Bailey Stockdale, CEO and co-founder of Leaf.

Leaf will use the funding to grow its commercial, customer success, and development teams globally, add support for new data types and launch new services like Field Operations to further realize their vision of empowering software developers to solve some of the world's most valuable health, economic, and environmental challenges.

"Our investment in Leaf supports its continued growth and success in being a catalyst for agtech development overall," said Cristina Rohr, Managing Director at S2G Ventures. "Farm data is only useful when it can be easily read and used. Leaf is rewriting the rules when it comes to building with farm data and we’re excited to support them.”

“We are pleased to see Leaf overachieve its milestones which triggered this financing ahead of plan. This is a testament to the leadership team and the demand for digital infrastructure in agriculture and food.” said Kirk Haney, Managing Partner of Radicle Growth. “Leaf is making the use of data on the farm a reality, and we are extremely pleased to add S2G Ventures to the company.”

About Leaf:

Leaf is food and agriculture's data infrastructure company. Leaf empowers software developers by providing intuitive and reliable tools to build with farm data. By removing the need to build and maintain multiple integrations and related backend infrastructure, we make farm data integrations fast, seamless and standardized with our industry leading API. Learn more at withleaf.io and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About S2G Ventures:

S2G Ventures is a multi-stage venture fund investing across the food, agriculture, oceans and seafood markets. The fund's mission is to catalyze innovation to meet consumer demands for healthy and sustainable food systems. S2G has identified sectors across the food system that are ripe for change, and is building a multi-stage portfolio including seed, venture and growth stage investments. Core areas of interest for S2G are agriculture, oceans, ingredients, infrastructure and logistics, IT and hardware, food safety and technology, retail and restaurants, and consumer brands. For more information about S2G, visit s2gventures.com or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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