Discussing the History and Future of Agtech Apps and Infrastructure

13 Dec, 2021

Discussing the History and Future of Agtech Apps and Infrastructure

Discussing the History and Future of Agtech Apps and Infrastructure

Mathew Tapley, Leaf Business Development Lead recently sat down with Aaron Hunt with Traction Ag, Dr. Terry Griffin with Kansas State University and Dr. John Fulton with Ohio State University for a fireside chat about the Agtech apps and infrastructure development cycle. Hear their perspectives on the biggest growing pains in Agtech development, some of the most influential Agtech applications and infrastructure and why they are excited about the future of Agtech.

Does the Apps to Infrastructure cycle apply to the last 40 years in Agtech?

  • Aaron and Terry discuss how the first 20 years of Agtech development were a lot of apps, empowering the farm decision maker with apps and one field at a time.

What was the biggest growing pain that drove Agtech innovation?

  • Terry explains why he thinks it goes back to economics and the challenge Agtech has to replace tedious data input, processing and maintenance tasks that require high-cost management, with algorithms.
  • John highlights how the need for connectivity, whether through telematics or wireless, to have access to data collected and putting it in a position that can be used has driven advances in automation.

What is your favorite or most influential Agtech application in the last 40 years?

  • Dr. Fulton shares how getting data to or from machines through wireless and telematics has been a tremendous jump in enabling some of the tools and analytics or Agtech reporting mechanisms.
  • Aaron emphasizes how the availability of cellular for agriculture and the advances in infrastructure to be able to collect and process data in mass were very influential in advancing Agtech.

What Agtech companies or technology are you excited about, for the future?

  • John is excited about how we're going to be able to use some of the autonomy pieces to ground truth and better improve our utilization of imagery in Agtech.
  • Aaron explains why he is passionate about making the Agtech experience much simpler and easy to use, so anyone could use it.
  • Terry talks about how he challenges his students to think about automation with the question: "How can we replace what you're good at with an algorithm?"

Want more insights? Watch the full fireside chat with Mathew, Aaron, Dr. Griffin and Dr. Fulton.

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