Introducing Leaf Prescriptions

13 Jan, 2022

Introducing Leaf Prescriptions

Introducing Leaf Prescriptions

Why Prescriptions Matter

Sustainability demands and increased input costs are driving farmers and agriculture companies to focus more on variable rate recommendations. Being able to export these recommendations to multiple cloud platforms quickly and easily helps companies focus on the prescriptions and operations instead of maintaining compatibility with multiple systems.

Leaf's Prescription Service allows developers to export agronomic recommendations to any OEM via a single API. This helps companies deliver a seamless experience for their customers and replace the manual processes of chasing equipment to upload prescription recommendations.

How It Works

Step 1: Use a Leaf User account to go through the authentication process for the preferred cloud provider: guides for each provider available here.

Step 2: Upload your prescription (as a shapefile within a zipped folder) using the endpoint(s) to send the file to specific or multiple OEM’s.

Benefits of Using Leaf Prescriptions

  • Focus on the best recommendations.
    • Focus your effort on developing the best prescriptions for your customers, not formatting them.
  • Save time with an automated process.
    • Better serve your customers with an automated process for uploading prescription data to any OEM.
  • Universal compatibility; no maintenance.
    • Resolve compatibility issues with prescriptions for different equipment and automatically support new monitors as they come to the market.

Guide to Prescriptions

Following is a short guide on how to fetch and upload prescriptions files.

Prescription can be uploaded using Leaf’s API POST request for each supported provider at /users/{leafUserId}/{providerName} (see our docs):

To fetch available prescriptions, GET requests can be made at /users/{leafUserId}/{providerName} (see our docs):

Get Started!

Visit: Leaf docs to learn more about how to get started with Leaf Prescriptions.

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