How to update your John Deere API integration (2021)

17 Aug, 2021

How to update your John Deere API integration (2021)

How to update your John Deere API integration (2021)

John Deere Operation Center is adding a new organization level access layer and deprecating older authentication options on March 10th, 2021.

To ensure your integration continues to function, your application must follow three simple steps, listed below:

  • Update to OAuth2:
  • Update authentication links
  • Allow organization access

1. Update to OAuth2:

If your application is already integrated with John Deere and your tokens begin with “accessToken” and “refreshToken” then you are already using OAuth2 tokens and can move to step 3.

If your application is not integrated with John Deere yet or is using OAuth1, you will need to generate new OAuth2 tokens. Here is a tutorial on how to do this.

2. Update authentication links

Once you have your OAuth2 tokens, you should update your existing user tokens and authentication links in your App.

3. Obtain organization access

(Only after March 10th, 2021)

From March 10th, 2021, John Deere will be requiring that your users explicitly select which organizations they want to allow you access. This is a separate step, not being part of the OAuth2 flow.

With John Deere’s recent changes, your users will now also need to set their organization permissions within John Deere Operation Center to give access to your App.

a) If you want to make these changes before March 10th, 2021 (recommended): Notify John Deere Dev Support

Notify John Deere API Dev Support that you’re ready to begin. Go to

Click "Contact Us" button in the lower right-hand corner and use the Connections Testing form to let John Deere know you are starting your Connections work so they will whitelist your application in sandbox and enable access for your test organizations.

b) Obtain organization access

The user is in control of which organization’s data your application can access. After you get a user token, redirect the user to John Deere's system and in the same URI provide a redirect back to your application. The redirect URI that is provided must match one of the Callback URLs (Redirect URI) listed in your application profile.

Example URI:

Then, the user selects the organization(s) to which you can have access.

Leaf, data infrastructure for agriculture

Once the organization selection is complete, the user is re-directed back to your software application.

Now that your users gave your application access to their organizations, you’re all set!

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