Field operations

Single integration to connect with all major machinery brands

Get consistent, aggregated, and standardized data from all major machinery brands.

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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture
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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

One integration, instant compatibility to multiple machinery brands

Build faster with simplified data

Leaf translates proprietary data sets into a single, easy to read data format.

Focus on customer value, not infrastructure

Leaf offers you processing, storage and scaling of field operations data.

Expand capabilities

Connect and build with Machine Operations (Cloud to Cloud connection) using Leaf’s unified API.

Translate local machine data files

Easily translate local raw monitor data.

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Leaf | Data infrastructure for agriculture

What will you build with Leaf’s Field Operations API?

Farm management tools

Farmland valuation tools

Carbon MRV platforms

Agronomic recomendations

Traceability applications

and so much more…

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"Leaf’s API and knowledge let our engineers focus on product differentiators rather than common capabilities. This expertise is helping us build the right thing for growers the first time, which is invaluable to our speed-to-market.”

Ross Sickora, Growers Edge

Start building with machine data

After authentication, Leaf’s API returns a standardized JSON for planting, application, and harvest operations with data summaries, full datasets and rendered maps.

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