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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you have a special program for early stage companies?

    Yes, companies that were founded less than two years ago and that have had less than US$2 million in total funding, are eligible to apply for the 'Leaf for Startups program'. As part of the Leaf for Startups program, companies receive API credits and Leaf resources to help scale their solutions.

    We realize the importance of having access to professional resources at the earliest stages of a business, and we want to ensure that every new company can realize their ambition and vision as fast as possible through the power of Leaf's ecosystem.

  • If I receive data through Leaf, how will I know when a connected data provider has made changes to their API structure?

    This is one of the main advantages of using Leaf - you won't have to worry about this! Whether an API endpoint changes, an old version gets deprecated or a file format is updated, we take care of everything. Our development team manages these API changes so that your API endpoints stay the same and your development team can focus on what really matters: building your product!

  • If I suddenly decide to process a LOT more data than originally anticipated, will this cause problems?

    Short answer: no. All our AWS cloud servers can dynamically scale, which means that our capacity changes as traffic changes occur. If you have processed more data than planned for in your contract, your Leaf customer success representative will simply sort this out with you at the end of each quarter.

  • I have been pulling data in through Leaf from a variety of providers but now I need to start pushing my finished data through to my clients… Can Leaf help?

    Yes, we can. We believe that everyone plays an equally important role in our ecosystem, and everyone is able to ingest data from their connected partners through Leaf as well as use the Leaf APIs to push data to their clients. It doesn't matter whether your business is small or large, we understand that you prefer to have us take care of the API connection with your clients instead of spending time and resources to build this yourself.