Leaf expands commercial team

22 Feb, 2023

Leaf expands commercial team

Leaf expands commercial team

Leaf is excited to welcome Allan Walters as Chief Revenue Officer and Reinder Prins as Marketing Lead.

Allan Walters

Allan Walters brings extensive experience leading teams at Salesforce and Twilio. He built and grew the enterprise and vertical teams at Twilio for almost 8 years and was integral to the IPO’s at Workday and Twilio.

“I love the experience of joining a small organization and being part of the team that helps grow the organization to become the biggest and best in the industry. We achieved this at both Salesforce and Twilio, and Leaf has the potential to achieve the same kind of growth and outcome. The agricultural industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, and the technology that Leaf offers will be instrumental for most, if not every, food and agricultural business around the world,” says Allan.

Allan has a strong history in sales leadership, spending 6 years with Salesforce and more recently as Vice President of Sales, with Twilio for almost 8 years. After joining Twilio as one of the first members of the commercial team, Allan was an instrumental part in Twilio’s strong growth, leading to their IPO in 2015 and continued growth as a business since. Twilio provides communications infrastructure through APIs, similar to how Leaf provides data infrastructure for the agricultural industry through APIs. Allan will be able to leverage this experience and help Leaf in continuing to unlock exponential growth in the agricultural industry in his role as Chief Revenue Officer.

“When Salesforce and Twilio started, their technology was new and novel, and most organizations weren’t quite sure yet how to benefit from this technology in their own situation. Fast forward to 2023 and the widespread adoption of both Salesforce and Twilio means that most people in the world now use this technology in some way, shape or form - if you’ve ever ordered an Uber, got a call from the driver, or paid for this Uber ride with your credit card, you’ve used Twilio! I look forward to working with the team at Leaf and there is no doubt in my mind that Leaf will just be as ubiquitous in years to come as Twilio already is now.”

Reinder Prins

Reinder Prins has worked in the agricultural industry for over 10 years, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer with Agworld - one of the world’s leading Farm Management Information Systems. As part of Agworld’s executive team, Reinder helped Agworld achieve rapid growth in Australia, the United States and beyond, and eventually a successful acquisition by Semios in 2021. Reinder’s experience in marketing will help Leaf continue to champion the potential of technology in agriculture and bring Leaf’s products to market with clear messaging so that everyone can understand and access the opportunity of building in the food and agriculture industry.

Reinder: “I love working in Marketing and I love working in Agtech, so I’m one of those lucky people that get to do what they enjoy doing. It was great to be part of Agworld’s growth and see it rewarded in the form of an exit, and the most important thing this taught me is that not every technology or business can become a successful Agtech business. Agworld’s technology and team were both excellent, which is why the company was so successful; I knew that for my next role I would be looking for a business with the exact same qualities. I’m excited to say that I’ve found exactly that in Leaf!”

“Everyone who has been in the agricultural and agtech industry knows that the number of companies offering digital solutions is large and still growing rapidly. I’ve seen the benefits that APIs offer to agtech businesses, but I’ve also witnessed first-hand the challenges of building and running these APIs. I strongly believe that what Leaf offers is something that is very useful and needed by every business that uses agricultural data in some form. Leaf is on a path of rapid growth and I look forward to being part of this as we continue to accelerate," says Reinder.

Leaf Co-Founder and CEO Bailey Stockdale welcomes Allan and Reinder to Leaf, and is excited about the impact they will have on Leaf moving forward: “We know we have a great product with Leaf, our clients tell us so every day, and I also know that in order to do justice to this product, we need to build an equally great team to achieve what we set out to achieve when we founded Leaf. With Allan and Reinder as the two key leaders of our commercial team, we have the perfect mix of both technology and industry experience, and we look forward to leveraging the experience they bring to the team."

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